What’s up?!  That’s me, Nikki!

Branding consultant, sales coach, money maker, awesomeness expert.

And this is Shambo.  Shannon to you.

Graphic designer, website maker, super smarty pants.

And together, we make up

We believe your website and brand should stand out!

So we do things hella different around here.

We’ve been crafting sweet websites, unique brands and making many friends many dollars along the way.
We take a bit of a different approach to the whole process.

We are more than just a graphic design team. 

What we do is show you what makes you different than your competition and then create one hell of a brand around that thing.

Chances are, you’re here for a reason.



You’ve been thinking about a rebrand for-like-EVER, but don’t know where to start.



You’re using a template website because you think it looks good enough. Doesn’t it?



You’re not responsive, you’re quickly falling behind! People think you’re lame because they only saw your site on their phone.



You are sick of blending in instead of standing out. There’s only so much you can do with a template.



Your job is all you have time for you, need help making them dollas more efficiently so you can enjoy your life.



You’re running around HUSTLIN LIKE A MO FO but you’re getting no further ahead.

The great news is that you’ve found us! We totally want to help get you out of the funk you’re in, and kick ass instead.

We combine the following super powers to give you one super experience.


“It Factor”

This is what makes you rad. It’s what makes someone choose you instead of your competitor. It’s what we exploit on your website so that you can make it rain.


Your Brand Identity

We create a killer brand that speaks to the exact type of people you are wanting to work with.  We incorporate what makes you uniquely YOU.  What makes you stand out above your competitors.


A killer Website

A responsive, jacked-up, functional kick-ass representation of who you are and what you’re selling.

The word on the street

Gimme That “It” is the best in the business:

Top notch service, brilliant design and laugh-your-ass off banter to boot. Hire them now.

There’s nothing more valuable than the voice telling you what’s so damn special about you, just as you are in this moment.

-Kristen Kalp

You literally flipped me upside down outside of the box I was so comfortably sitting in.

What the process has done for me personally is immeasurable.

-Andrea Hanki

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our site!

We doubled our prices and clients are booking us without even questioning our prices anymore. Nikki helped us to simplify our pricing so that our clients know exactly what they’re getting! They brought some really rad things to the table like genius ideas.

We super duper with a cherry on top recommend them!  They will change your life and your business!

-Lovers of Love

I just booked a Florida wedding because of my

ridiculously amazing new website!

-Kimie Grace Photography

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If you’re ready, come and get it!

We’d LOVE to work with you.

Have questions? Need more info?  Want to know how much it will cost to work with our radness? All can be answered by throwing us a message on this here contact thinger.